Malpractice Site Meets Opposition

The Medical Board in one state decided to post medical malpractice payouts on its website, but doing so has been met with opposition. The Board, who licenses and disciplines 22,000 doctors who practice in the state proposed displaying all malpractice payouts going seven years back. This last proposal comes as part of an overall effort to inform patients about their doctors. The state at hand is not alone in its proposal, 25 other states have done similar things. The people who oppose it, of course, are doctors and hospital, medical malpractice insurers, and defense attorneys, who dislike the rule in general, and the seven year retroactivity in particular. The Board’s legal director, however, says that only one state who has similarly posted retroactively has faced a challenge, and that challenge failed. Last year the state legislature gave the Board approval to post the payouts, but also gave the Board free reign in deciding how to do so. The final decision will be made next month.

Posting medical malpractice payouts also has proponents, like Wanda Nicholson, who husband was partially paralyzed in his foot after a spine surgery. Wanda had checked the Board’s existing file regarding the doctor before the surgery, but found nothing bad. After the surgery, Wanda found out that the doctor had had issues with other patients, and some patients may have even filed medical malpractice lawsuits. Read more about the website medical malpractice postings here.

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