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Malpractice Lawsuit Filed After Mistakes Leads To Amputation

The Madison-St. Clair Record reported earlier this month of a new malpractice lawsuit filed following a devastating medical mistake. The victimized patient alleges that the negligence of a doctor at Anderson Hospital caused both his feet to be amputated.

The patient went to the hospital where doctors diagnosed him with viral pharyngitis. He was released and placed on conservative management. However, only two days later he was back at the hospital with the same symptoms from before. The same doctor provided the same diagnosis and released the patient again without any antibiotic prescription or other treatments. Two days after that the victim was again rushed to the hospital, this time with septic shock. He was flown to a different hospital where he finally received proper treatment. However, the delay in treatment and misdiagnosis caused both his feet to require amputation
The suit claims that the doctor at Anderson Hospital failed to recognize the worsening and severity of the condition or provide proper diagnostic testing. The victim claims that the professionals should have obtained proper consultations, should not have discharged him from the hospital, and should have required close observation to monitor developments in his condition.

Our Chicago malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti have worked with many patients similar to the victim here. It is unfortunately a common practice for medical professionals to fail to make timely diagnosis or to misdiagnose a problem completely. In many cases that sort of mistake is grounds for malpractice and it is important to seek legal advice to ensure that your rights are protected.

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