Madison County Man Files Lawsuit against Negligent Eye Doctor

Recently, an Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit was filed in Madison County after an eye doctor failed to diagnose his patient’s eye condition. According to the Madison Record, the patient claims that the doctor failed to even specify what eye condition the man suffered from, nevertheless monitor or treat the condition. The man continued to remain a patient of the eye doctor for over two years until his problem became debilitating.

In the claim, filed June 9, the plaintiff asserts that as a result of the doctor’s ophthalmological error, he sustained much pain and suffering due to the undiagnosed eye condition. Subsequently, the plaintiff suffered a permanent disability to his eye which ultimately caused his inability to work and lost wages. The plaintiff seeks an undisclosed judgment in this two count lawsuit.

In order to deliver the most relevant medical malpractice news to our readers, we are continuously reading reports about new cases. We have observed that the number of malpractice cases against ophthalmologists and optometrists is on the up-rise. Although this report does not specify the specific condition the plaintiff’s suffered, we read a lot about cases involving complications during Lasik eye surgery. This voluntary, permanent corrective eye surgery has unfortunately caused various complications, especially if performed by a negligent doctor. In a lawsuit filed earlier this year, a self-proclaimed “World’s Best Eye Surgeon” was sued for medical malpractice when he improperly performed Lasik surgery four times on a single patient whose vision did not improved after the previous surgeries. Ultimately, the patient was rendered legally blind.

While ophthalmological medical malpractice is not as commonly thought of as other types of malpractice, the results of it can be devastating, so patients must be careful when choosing which procedures to undergo. In addition to losing one’s sight as the result of an error, other risk factors include dry eyes, infections, or even the development of cataracts. Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers strongly encourage our readers to do your research before you embark on an elective surgery of any kind, and always make sure you understand the risks involved.

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