Levin & Perconti Settle DuPage County Medical Malpractice Case

Cases related to medical malpractice like many civil lawsuits, sometimes take quite a while to reach a final resolution. That is particularly true if the case goes all the way to trial or if various discovery issues are contested throughout the process. The general rule is that the more agreement there is on various issues, then the quicker a final decision is reached.

No matter what the situation, quick or slow, it is always encouraging to reach a final resolution in one of these cases. The end often allows a former patient or their family to finally put the matter behind them following accountability. It offers a mental, physical, and financial resolution that is not present immediately after the medical error or negligence. In most cases, settlements are reached which means that families are spared the often grueling trial process and are instead allowed to put the case to a close with agreement.

DuPage County Medical Malpractice Settlement
That is what happened in a recent case where our firm helped a family reach a settlement with a health services company and an ambulance service. The case involved an 81 year old woman who was in the middle of a hospital stay in July of 2009. While in the hospital bathroom, shortly before her discharge, the woman suffered a stroke. Yet, the hospital itself did not have a stroke center. In other words, the facility could not provide the emergency care that she needed following the serious medical incident.

Yet instead of following her physician’s orders and contacting appropriate emergency services to take the woman to a place that did have a stroke center, the nursing staff at the facility initially did nothing. That means that necessary ambulance services took over half an hour to even arrive at the hospital. On top of that, when it did arrive the ambulance did not utilize lights and sirens and even stopped at all traffic signals when (allegedly) “rushing” the injured woman to the hospital. This conduct was in violation of the ambulance services own policies and procedures.

Time is often of the essence following a medical emergency. That was certainly true in this case. As a result of the delay in calling for help and the lack of urgency on the part of the ambulance, the woman’s cerebrovascular incident progressed steadily. She eventually suffered a severe brain injury. That damage eventually contributed to her death.

The woman’s surviving husband and three children had many questions about the care she received. Seeking more answers and accountability, they sought our legal professionals who ensured a full investigation was uncovered. Eventually, an agreement was reached with both parties for their role in the incident The settlement was reached in the amount of $698,000–it was officially entered into in May of 2012.

Our attorneys are proud to help families like this one in Chicago and throughout the state reach resolutions in these matters. If you have questions about the care provided to you or a loved one at a medical care facility, consider giving our office a call to see if we can help.

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