Levin & Perconti Settle Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Against Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Each Illinois medical malpractice attorney at our firm is proud to work every day on behalf of local residents who have suffered serious injury and hardship as a result of the negligence of others. Many families spend years struggling to receive fairness and accountability, and it is always a good feeling when a legal matter ends and all parties are able to move on. While our attorneys steadfastly remain open to take all cases to trial if necessary, more often than not we are able to reach fair, amicable settlements.

We are happy to report on a recent settlement for a local family on behalf of their loved one who passed away as a result of alleged medical malpractice.

The Facts
A local mother was pregnant with twins in 2010. She had become pregnant following in vitro fertilization, and the pregnancy itself was uneventful. In mid-June the woman went to Northwestern Memorial Hospital to deliver the children. The birth of the first child went smoothly, without any apparent complications. However, things went awry as the second child was being born.

The second twin exhibited signs of severe fetal distress. The plaintiff in the case argued that when the child became distressed it was vital for the medical team to perform an emergency C-section. However, the attending obstetrician did not order the surgical birth. Instead, he continued to try to deliver the baby vaginally-multiple vacuum extractions and forceps maneuver were attempted to no avail. In addition the doctor performs an internal cephalic version-a maneuver where one hand is fully within the uterus.

Not only did none of those actions help, but they actually led to serious birth injuries in the child. The Chicago medical malpractice lawsuit filed by the family alleges that the doctor’s actions caused the second twin to suffer a series of brain and spinal hemorrhages. The boy was deprived of oxygen which resulted in a serious brain injury.

The young boy fought for six days, before ultimately passing away from his injuries.

Illinois Medical Malpractice Settlement
The family contacted the Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at our firm for legal assistance holding the facility accountable for the conduct that led to the death of their son. A lawsuit was filed on the child’s behalf.

Fortunately, last month an amicable settlement was reached between the parties in the matter, allowing for fair redress and accountability without the need to go to trial. The hospital agreed to pay the deceased child’s estate $3.5 million for the incident.

Medical Malpractice Stemming from Birth Complications

Unfortunately, families in our area sometimes receive inadequate treatment during the delivery of their children. We understand that medical teams are not capable of performing miracles-at times problems will develop that could never have been prevented. Yet, there are other instances when basic medical procedures or decisions are not handled properly. The consequences on the mother and child can be severe. In the worst cases, as here, the child may not survive. In many other cases the children are injured, often permanently. When this occurs, families typically can use the civil justice system to seek fair redress.

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