Levin & Perconti Newsletter Explains Failure to Diagnose Settlement

Helping those hurt by medical mistakes in something in which each of our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys take great pride. Working on these issues for years, we are attuned to the amazing harm caused by even simple mistakes made by medical professionals. Doctors and nurses are not super-human, but they do owe all of their patients a reasonable level of care. When they fail to provide that care and harm results, it is imperative for those hurt to come forward and seek redress and accountability.

Fortunately, we have been able to help many residents in our area hold medical care providers accountable for their misconduct. We recently shared some examples of Illinois medical malpractice cases on which we’ve worked in the latest edition of our monthly newsletter, Client Tell.

For example, included in the publication is the story of our client Heather Kornick. Heather suffered severe injury as a result of her physician’s failure to diagnose her adrenal cancer in a timely fashion. She was represented by our Illinois medical malpractice attorney, Jeffrey E. Martin.

When she was only 19-years old in 2006, Heather visited a reproductive endocrinologist because she had concerns about abnormal weight gain and an irregular menstrual cycle. Without an examination (only a brief consultation) she was diagnosed with “polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). For the next 14 months she was treated for PCOS, but throughout this time her condition did not improve.

Finally, in 2008 Heather sought a second opinion. At that point she was diagnosed with Cushing’s syndrome–an overproduction of cortisol by the adrenal glands. This was caused by an adrenal gland tumor. During surgery to remove the gland and tumor doctors discovered a problem–nodules in her lungs. The cancer had metastasized.

The Misdiagnosis
Heather soon visited with our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys to learn about her legal rights. The investigation into the case made one point clear–an earlier diagnosis likely would have allowed the tumor to be removed before it spread. In addition, had the endocrinologist abided by reasonable standards when first treating Heather, he should have reached the correct diagnosis.

More specifically, experts explained that the doctors should have originally screened Heather for Cushing’s syndrome. Following that screening he would have likely performed a CT scan which would have revealed the tumor. Yet, the initial error reverberated, and Heather’s life remains affected by the medical malpractice.

Since the original surgery, she has undergone several round of chemotherapy. The treatment is not without its complications, and Heather faces hair loss, fatigue, balance problem, bloody noses, and sleeping issues. It is difficult for her to work as a result of the constant exhaustion from chemo. In addition, she will not be able to have children.

Fortunately, we were able to settle Heather’s case last year for $4.5 million. The funds will pay for past medical bills and ensure she receives the best care possible as she battles her cancer. She hopes that the settlement and treatment will allow her health to improve that that she can one day live on her own and work full time.

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