Levin & Perconti Help Medical Malpractice Victim Obtain $750,000 Settlement

In the latest installment of Client Tell-our firm’s newsletter-we discussed the story of one family who we recently helped reach a settlement following the filing of an Illinois wrongful death lawsuit of their 20-month-old girl.

The young girl was a few months shy of her second birthday when she died in a central Illinois hospital. She had been born with congenital muscular dystrophy requiring a number of hospital stays before being released at home. However, even when away from the hospital she required a ventilator, pulse monitor, apnea monitor, and tracheostomy to help keep her airwaves open. Aiding the young child became an important family obligation.

Eventually the child checked into the hospital to begin a ventilator weaning schedule. For several hours a day nurses would help wean her from the machine. However, during this time records indicated that the girl still required frequent suctioning because her tracheostomy would often become clogged with mucous. The young child’s erratic movement often led staff members to remove monitoring leads-devices which alert staff members to problems immediately if they develop.

Eventually a nurse received approval from a doctor to remove the child’s electronic monitoring. The following evening, tragedy struck. Nurses found the young girl unresponsive in her hospital bed with blue skin. Resuscitation was attempted but the child never regained consciousness. She died several days later from brain damage. It was eventually discovered that the girl’s oxygen had been cut off by a mucous plug.

The family’s Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit alleged that the staff was negligent in its steps to cut off electronic monitoring, including failure to monitor oxygen levels and heart rate Our firm attorney Jeffrey Martin explained that “what makes this even more egregious was the fact that these mistakes occurred in an ICU where the care was supposed to be ‘intensive.'” The suit was eventually settled for $750,000.

Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti are proud to represent victims and their families in cases like this who suffer terrible heartbreak as the result of preventable medical mistakes. Please contact our office if you feel you or a loved one may have been victimized in a similar manner.

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