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Letter From Illinois Trial Lawyer: Legal Rights of Patients Attacked By Corporate Interests

The attack on the justice system rages on as corporate interests seek “reform” which will take away the rights of certain medical patients to access parts of the legal system. This weekend the State Journal-Register published a letter to the editor written by the president of the Illinois Trial Lawyers Association which defended the rights of victims.

He explains how the claims for “reform” are almost entirely supported by studies that have been widely shown erroneous. The reports used to support the ideas are funded and organized by the top names in big business-Phillip Morris, General Electric, and others-the ones who stand the most to gain by handcuffing victimized patients’ recovery efforts.

It remains a cornerstone of a system of laws that that when businesses act irresponsibly in ways that harm unsuspecting patients, like creating dangerous drugs or using deceptive practices, they should be held responsible for the damage caused. There is nothing to fear from fairness.

The claims of all those seeking to take away patient rights are growing even more exaggerated by the day. The latest round includes suggestions that the entire ailing U.S. economy can be traced back to lawsuits. Reasonable minds must join to reject these overblown, misleading claims.

Our Chicago malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti fully support the rights of victims to access the court system. We will continue to fight against big business efforts to shut regular Americans out of the process. The nation was founding on principles of equal access to justice made by a jury of the community. We cannot allow that system to be destroyed. Please contact a malpractice lawyer if you’ve been injured by the negligence of another.

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