Legal Experts Line Up Against H.R. 5

Yesterday we highlighted a post by the 7th Amendment Advocate which explained a recent conservative opinion piece advocating against the legislation known as the HEALTH Act, or H.R. 5. As that and other outlets have reported, virtually unanimous legal scholars from all points of the political spectrum have come together to share disdain for the incredibly misguided proposal which seeks to take away rights of injured medical victims.

This latest conservative scholar took to the pages of a popular libertarian leaning legal blog, the Volokh Conspiracy, to offer comments against the proposal. The conservative legal professor explained how consistency and principled legal opinion demands that all Republican legislators who advocate for limits on federal power stand in opposition to this bill which demonstrates a drastic federal government overreach. We have previously explored the hypocrisy of most of the bill proponents, who vocally advocate against proposals that use the exact same constitutional basis being put forward to support H.R. 5.

The legal academic explained how federally mandated tort reform like that seen in H.R. 5 was unnecessary and likely beyond federal power. States are perfectly capable of handling these matters themselves, and uniformly removing the rights of Illinois medical malpractice victims is never an appropriate response.

With the growing chorus of experts voicing opposition to H.R. 5, there remains not a single conservative scholar who has explained any support for the dangerous measure.

Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti will continue to monitor the development of this bill and similar medical malpractice related legislation. Thousands and thousands of families suffer from following medical errors; it is important that those citizens not have their legal rights taken away. Be sure to stand up for your right to fair access to the legal system and contact an Illinois injury lawyer if you have been harmed in this way.

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