Lawsuit Alleges Dental Malpractice

Dentists, just like doctors, are required to provide patients with proper care. When you visit the dentist you trust that they will help you, rather than hurt you. A woman recently filed a lawsuit claiming that her dentist was negligent, causing her serious pain and harm. The lawsuit was filed in Cook County against a Northbrook dentist and dental practice. The suit requests a trial by jury and is seeking damages of more than $50,000.

Fractured Tooth

The woman in this case states that she had dental work done by the dentist, which included a crown, as well as several other adjustments to teeth in her mouth. The woman was in severe pain after the procedure and visited another dentist for an emergency appointment. Upon examination by the emergency dentist, it was found that the woman had a fractured tooth and inflamed roots on three teeth. As a result of the fractured tooth, the woman suffered severe jaw pain, headaches, nausea, numbness of her tongue, mouth pain, and the inability to chew on one side of her mouth.

Negligence by Dentist

The woman in this case suffered injuries because of the negligent actions of the dentist. The dentist is held to a high standard, and must take precautions to ensure that patients are not injured while in his care. The woman claims that the dentist made adjustments to several of her teeth without her knowledge or approval. Further, the adjustments made were unnecessary, according to the other dentist. The dental work done was so poor that the lawsuit says it constitutes negligence.

Dental Malpractice

Dental malpractice occurs when a dental professional makes a mistake or fails to provide required care. The dentist should have known that the procedure could have caused serious harm to the patient, yet performed it anyway, without the consent of the patient. As a result of the careless work, the woman suffered serious and likely permanent injuries. The dentist is held accountable for his negligent actions and the patient is able to file a claim to seek compensation for damages suffered.

Malpractice Lawsuit

The woman in this instance was seriously harmed by the negligent dental work that was performed on her. Those who are hurt because of the actions of someone else may be entitled to money for the damages that were caused. For example, when additional dental or medical treatment is needed, the costs for that care should be paid for by the negligent party. Additional damages could include such things as money for pain and suffering and for lost wages when someone is unable to work because of the injury.

Future medical costs should also be included, as well as payment for permanent disabilities. In situations where a person has died as the result of the injuries, the lawsuit may also request money for loss of enjoyment of life and for funeral expenses. If you or a family member were hurt because of medical or dental malpractice, contact the skilled lawyers at Levin & Perconti for a free initial consultation.

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