Latest Legislative Effort to Enact “Tort Reform” Must Be Stopped – S 1720

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys know that large insurance companies and the influential medical lobby have much to gain by limiting the rights of everyday victims of medical errors. That is why these large interests will often stop at nothing to pressure legislatures at the state and federal level to enact a variety of changes to the legal system. Many different proposals exist, but at the root of all of them are efforts that will ensure these companies have to pay less money or no money at all to fix the errors caused by their mistakes. These efforts are almost always shrouded in neutral talking points about “cost savings,” but when examined closely they are always an attempt to use the legislative system to bolster their own interests. All those who care about supporting victims of medical malpractice should oppose these misguided efforts.

The latest gambit takes the form of Senate Bill 1720. The measures was proposed by the Republican leadership in the chamber under the seemingly positive label-Jobs for Growth Act. This effort is particularly tragic in that it seeks to link job creation efforts to mandatory “reform” efforts. Of course sharing honest information about these bills would make them impossible to pass, because community members would be up in arms about the mere power grab by particular industry interests. That is why tort reform proponents always make large claims about the far-reaching effects on these measures. For example, in this case those pushing the measures are desperately trying to claim that allowing insurance companies to pay less money to negligence victims will increase jobs.

It doesn’t even take much close examination to realize how ridiculous these claims are. There is simply no logical reason to believe that the law will do anything to spur economic growth. Of course, that is on top of the fact that limiting the civil liberties of ordinary community members should be opposed by all those who respect the traditions of our Founders and defend the 10th and 7th Amendment to the U.S Constitution.

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys are used to fighting efforts to take away the rights of local victims of medical negligence. For years, some big interests have decided that they can best save money not by working to improve care and limit negligence but by pressuring lawmakers into passing laws to immunize themselves from accountability. These efforts cannot stand. Please take a moment to send an email, write a letter, or call your local federal representative urging them to stand in opposition to this measure. What we need is real efforts to spur economic growth, not silly backhanded efforts to slide in so-called tort reform measure for the benefits of insurance companies.

Besides working to defeat this bill, it is also important to take the time to get to know all the candidates who will be running for office next year. We must elect representatives who will not engage in these time-wasting efforts and instead will focus on actual job growth strategies. Americans can no longer be deceived by false and misleading claims-it is time for real action.

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