Lasik Surgery Caused Eye Injuries, Prompted Lawsuit

Lasik eye surgery has become quite common, and is generally considered to be a routine procedure. While Lasik is typically safe, there are some problems and complications that may occur if the procedure is not done properly. A woman filed a malpractice lawsuit in Chicago against Vision One Lasik Center in Arlington Heights, alleging negligence caused serious eye injuries. The lawsuit requests payment of damages of more than $50,000 plus legal fees.

Lasik Surgery Gone Wrong

Lasik eye surgery is a corrective procedure done to improve vision so that glasses are no longer required. Lasik uses a laser to reshape the cornea in order to repair the focus of the eye. During surgery, the doctor opens the top area of the cornea to access the eye. The flap is closed at the completion of the procedure. Lasik surgery is used on people who are nearsighted, farsighted, or have astigmatism. There are other types of procedures available, depending on the patient’s needs. In this case, the woman claims that the surgery caused her pain and loss of vision, and that the procedure should not have been performed.

Medical Mistake

Lasik surgery is a good option for many people, but not for everyone. The eye doctor needs to examine the patient and determine whether Lasik is a viable option. According to the information in the documents, the doctor failed to properly evaluate the woman’s condition before the procedure was done. Additionally, the doctor failed to inform the woman of the potential risks of the operation. As it turns out, the woman was not a good candidate for Lasik and the doctor should not have performed the procedure.


Medical malpractice happens when a doctor fails to take the proper care when treating a patient. In this instance, the doctor failed to evaluate the woman’s eye condition but performed surgery anyway. The woman suffered severe eye pain and some vision loss as a result of having the surgery completed. Once the vision is compromised it may never be the same again. Permanent damage could have occurred, and the eye doctor is responsible for the damage that was caused. The woman also claims that the procedure was not properly performed.

Seeking Damages

When a patient is seriously hurt because of the negligence of a doctor, he or she may be entitled to damages. The woman in this case required medical treatment for her eye injuries and will need ongoing treatment. In addition, she should collect damages for emotional and physical pain and any other damages that occurred because of the injury. Any money that was expended for medical care should be covered by the doctor who caused the injury. Further, future care and treatment should also be paid. If the victim is disabled because of the injury, additional expenses will be incurred. If you or a loved one was injured due to the negligence of a doctor, call Levin & Perconti to discuss your case and seek the damages that you are owed.

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