Justice Tom Kilbride Understands The Rights of Medical Victims

Chances are that within 5 minutes of turning on the television these days you will treated to at least one campaign ad urging support for a candidate or smearing another. With so many heated elections to be decided next Tuesday, the flurry of campaign activity has reached a fevered pitch.

In the middle of the chaos is one election with real implications for all those who care about safe medical care and the rights of victims of malpractice. This year one our Illinois Supreme Court Justices, Thomas Kilbride, is up for a retention election. He is not running against an opponent, but according to state rules must have at least 60% of voters vote “Yes” to retain him as a Justice on our state’s highest court. Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti highly endorse Justice Kilbride and urge voters to retain this fair-minded, intelligent, logic legal leader.

Unfortunately, a few very specific special-interest groups are working to disparage Justice Kilbride’s record in an effort to confuse voters. Fortunately, a wide-range of respected organizations are working to set to record straight and condemn the unfair attacks on the Justice.

For example, this week the Illinois Judges Association recently re-stated its support for Justice Kilbride and against the ouch-of-touch special interest strategy attacking him. They explain that these vicious strategies used in retention elections threaten to ruin the fairness and impartiality of our nation’s justice system. Unlike legislative and executive campaigns, the judicial branch of government requires even-handed logical decision-making and rule application as its benchmark. Campaign tactics with slick production ads and slanted truth seeks only to advance a few special interests at the expense for a balanced justice system for all.

Justice Thomas Kilbride has worked hard to make decision based on law, not policy, as the state constitution requires. He has followed that basic principle regarding all issues from access to the courts and criminal justice to business rights and all other issues that make it to the court. That fair-minded effort has recently been distorted and misrepresented by interests working to get their “own” justice on the court who will make decisions based on who got them into the position instead of what the law requires. We cannot afford to allow these groups to infect our legal system.

Please get more information about Justice Kilbride and make an informed decision this Tuesday. Vote YES to retain Tom Kilbride and urge your friends and family to do the same. Do your part to help ensure the Illinois court remains a strong, fair, logical system of justice.

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