Jury Finds For Plaintiff in Suit Against Radiologist

Another medical malpractice case went to trial and, according to a report from Seacoast Online, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff. The suit stemmed from a misdiagnosis that the patient claims was caused by errors made by the plaintiff’s radiologist. As with all misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis cases, the plaintiff’s argument was that if proper standards of care had been followed, then the proper diagnosis would have been reached in a timely manner, preventing harm to the patient.

Radiologist Liable for Failing to Diagnosis
The article summarizing the case explains that the plaintiff went to the hosptial in order to get help for a prolonged and severe headache. In addition to the headache, the woman began showing some neurological problems, indicating some brain issue. Her speech was slurred. In order to get at root of the problem a CT scan was performed. The results of that scan were read by the defendant-radiologist. That is where the problems originated, claim the woman.

The radiologist apparently ruled out most possible options She did note a few irregularities in the test results; however, she mostly dismissed those irregularities as “of doubtful clinical significance.”

This was of little help to the patient whose condition continued to detereorate over time. Eventually she had to be airlifted to another location. At the new facility a second CT scan was conducted. The radiologist who interpreted those test results found clear problems. According to the suit in this med mal case, the second doctor found “bilateral intracranial hemorrhages with extension into subarachnoids from the superior sagittal sinus caused by thrombosis or stroke.” Thanks to this second test, the woman was ordered immediately into surgery.

Later, another doctor viewed the same test results that the defendant had dismissed. That second doctor determined that the test did in fact show clear abnormalities.

Med Mal Lawsuit
In the aftermath of this medical situation, the woman and her husband filed suit aganst the radiologist at the first facility that failed to properly identify the brain problem. Specifically, the lawsuit states that the defendant-radiologist was negligent in disregarding the obvious abnormalities in the test results. The delay was not without consequences. The complaint noted that had the reslts been properly interpreted she would have received quicker treatment, resulting in the prevention of some of the more serious side effects of the stroke. The woman still requires extensive therapy to re-learn many basic skills. As with all brain injuries, the consequences can impact virtually all areas of an individual’s functioning. Also, the woman was relatively young in this case and, as a result of the stroke, she may have problems down the road in a subsequent pregnancy.

After hearing all the evidence in the case, the jury returned a verdict in favor of the plaintiff. She was awarded $5 million for the far-reaching consequences of the medical error. The jury found the radiologist entirely at fault. The defense had previously argued that the ER team also played a role in their failure to respond to possible concerns raised by the radiologist. However, that argument was rejected by the jury.

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