Jury Awards $6.7 Million in Hospital Malpractice Lawsuit

A trend that is quickly noticed by those who follow Illinois medical malpractice suits is the frequency with which the error at issue is related to a failure to diagnose. A fundamental aspect of receiving medical care is an assurance that the medical professionals will make you aware of all potential health problems that they reasonable should discover. Of course, patients do not usually walk into a medical clinic or hospital and tell the doctor exactly what ailment they are suffering from. Instead, they explain their symptoms and rely on the expert to perform the appropriate tests and apply their knowledge to identify the issue and provide treatment.

However, the necessary treatment to correct the problem can never be applied if the medical staff never catches the medical issue in the first place. That is the root cause of the egregious error known as missed diagnosis or delayed diagnosis. The main issue with this form of error is the lost time where proper treatment is not obtained, often allowing the condition to develop complications leading to more serious injury or death.

A similar issue was at the heart of a medical malpractice case that recently resulted in a $6.7 million verdict for the victim. The Insurance Journal has the details of the case. Following an accident suffered in an all-terrain vehicle crash, a man was rushed to his local hospital for treatment. The doctors initialized stabilized the man, but they provided inadequate follow-up care. As a result, they did not perform reasonable tests to check on his recovery which would have indicated that he was suffering from internal bleeding.

By the time doctor actually caught the bleeding, it was too late. The blood caused one of the man’s lungs to collapse which trigged a fatal heart attack. After hearing the evidence in the case, a jury found the negligent medical professionals liable for the error and awarded the wife of the victim $6.7 million.

Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti are proud to represent those who are injured or killed because of the negligence of others. Medical professionals must ensure that they provide their patients with a reasonable level of care at all times, because as this case demonstrates, the consequences are too high otherwise.

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