Jury Award $667,000 to Victim Following Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

Some forms of Illinois medical malpractice are easy to identify. Wrong-site surgeries, medical objects being left inside bodies, and obvious medication overdoses are usually easier for victims to understand when they strike. However, there are many forms of this negligence in the hospital setting that may not at first be apparent to victims. This is the case because sometimes the consequences of specific mistakes are not seen until quite some time after it is made. In other cases the problem is one that can only be uncovered by looking at medical records by one who is trained in the field.

One of the more difficult forms of medical error that is tough for victims to identify involves failures to diagnose. Time is one of the most vital components of medical care, and it is imperative that medical experts properly identify medical conditions in a timely manner so that victims can receive proper treatment. When they fail to do so, they often cause irreparable harm.

Last week McDowell News reported on the conclusion of a medical malpractice lawsuit involving a failure to diagnose. The case involved a 42-year old woman who died not long after giving birth to twins. After the childbirth the woman was diagnosed with pneumonia, given medication, and then discharged. However, she made several trips to the emergency room in the days after the births complaining of shortness of breath and nausea. She was again treated for pneumonia, but nothing else. Eventually, after she requested to be admitted to the facility, the woman was diagnosed with worsening congestive heart failure. The victim suffered a stroke a few days after the correct diagnosis was finally made. She underwent surgery two and a half week later to remove a ruptured blood vessel. However, she never fully recovered and died a few days later.

The family in that case filed a lawsuit alleging that the physicians should have caught the problem sooner than they did. Our Illinois medical malpractice attorneys often remind clients about the basic legal standard involved in these cases. Similar to all civil lawsuits involving negligence, a victim is successful in a medical malpractice lawsuit when their medical professional fails to perform up to the standards of a reasonably prudent doctor. Of course proving that this occurred in a particular case almost always requires the use of a third-party medical expert to explain what a reasonable doctor would have done in a similar situation.

The difficulty in identifying the root cause of certain medical complications and the need for medical experts to explain basic standards makes it imperative for all those who think that they may have been harmed by mistakes caused by a medical provider to take the time to learn from a legal professional. It is only after visiting with a legal professional that most victims understand how the law applies in their case, and they can then decide how to proceed.

Our Illinois medical malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti are available to help victims throughout the state with every type of medical negligence issue. Over the decades we have helped hundreds of families who have lost loved ones or suffered immense injury because they unsuspectingly did not receive the basic medical care to which they are entitled. A civil lawsuit in these cases can help those families receive redress for the losses suffered and, just as importantly, encourage changes to spare future victims. Please get in touch with our office to see how we may be able to help you today.

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