Improper Diagnosis and Treatment Led to Patient’s Death

We count on our doctors to give patients the best possible care. Regrettably, doctors sometimes make mistakes. These mistakes can cause serious harm or sometimes death to their patients. A lawsuit was recently brought on behalf of the relatives of a woman who died because of alleged misdiagnosis. The suit was brought against Our Lady of the Resurrection Medical Center, Community First Healthcare of Illinois, Inc., Midwest Emergency Centralia Campus Associates, Inc. and some medical professionals and is seeking a judgment in excess of $50,000.

Medical Mistakes are Common

There are several areas where mistakes can be made. The doctor may not adequately diagnose the condition or may fail to make a diagnosis. Prescription medication may be improperly dosed or administered. Inadequate care may be provided or mistakes can be made during surgery. Medical mistakes happen very often, however, they do not always cause serious injuries. When the mistakes create a severe medical condition or death, the physician could be negligent. Medical errors are now the third leading reason for death in the United States.

Improper Diagnosis Led to Stroke

In this case, the complaint alleges that the doctor failed to diagnose the woman’s condition. Her condition worsened and she suffered a brain lesion and stroke. Because the doctor did not diagnose her medical condition it was not properly treated. The lack of necessary treatment led to her stroke and led to her death. Brain lesions can be life-threatening and in this case, the lesion led to a stroke that caused the woman’s death.

Cerebellar Lesion

A cerebellar lesion, also simply known as a brain lesion, is an area of the brain that has been damaged either through injury or disease. Treatment of the lesion depends greatly upon the reason it developed. The doctor must perform tests to determine the cause of the lesion as well as the severity of the damage. Lesions may be treated with surgery, chemotherapy, or medication, or a combination of treatments. The doctor must properly diagnose the lesion before a treatment plan can be determined. In this instance, the doctors failed to diagnose the problem or to provide an adequate medical treatment.

Medical Mistakes

Doctors are required to provide a high level of care to their patients. They must do what is necessary to ensure that the correct diagnosis and treatment is given. When an error is made, they are held responsible. A medical mistake is also commonly called medical malpractice. While the woman in this case already suffered from a brain lesion, the problem likely worsened and led to her stroke because it was not properly treated. The mistake contributed to her death.

The family is entitled to compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, and other damages such as the loss of enjoyment of life. The lawsuit names several medical facilities and medical professionals who all may be responsible for the woman’s health decline and death. If you or a family member was seriously hurt or died as the result of a medical mistake, contact the skilled legal team at Levin & Perconti to discuss your case.

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