Illinois Polluters Use False Claims About Tort Reform to Influence Illinois Negligence Case

At times a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer is forced to defend him or herself against claims that the lawsuits that they file are “frivolous” and at fault for a wide range of societal problems. Of course, as we have outlined in detail here, all of those claims are rooted in falsehoods and guided by public relations efforts of professional defendants.

A court ruling issued in Southern Illinois this week adds even more proof to the truth that claims about the “problem” of tort lawsuits are merely marketing tools that negligent big businesses are using to unfairly influence public opinion.

St. Louis Today reported on the ruling. In the decision a judge revealed that a Chicago public relations firm suggested to a potential water polluter that they influence their case by painting the local court system as a “judicial hellhole.” The case involved the polluting of groundwater by an agribusiness firm in the area. The firm hired a public relations company to help blunt the negative effects of revelations about their conduct. That firm suggested that painting the area as a haven of frivolous lawsuits might help persuade the public, regardless of the accuracy of that claim.

The ruling explained that the large company created a strategy to “enhance the public’s perception…[of the company]…at the expense of the Madison County judicial system.” In other words, these large businesses have no problem unfairly tarnishing the legal system throughout the country if it helps ensure that their profits are maximized.

The ruling was in response to the release of a variety of documents between the public relations company and the agribusiness defendants.

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti are used to defending the importance of our role in the judicial system. We will continue to fight the misleading public relations efforts of profit-driven big businesses. The average consumer-from medical patients to nursing home residents-does not deserve to have their legal rights stripped away so that more money can been funneled to big business.

If you or a loved one has even been injured by the negligence of another, please contact our Illinois personal injury lawyers and share your story.

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