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Illinois Medical Malpractice Reform Watch—Many Legislators Stand Against “Reform” Claims

Many national lawmakers are standing firm against the misguided, hypocritical efforts to take away the rights of medical malpractice victims. We’ve continually documented the misleading claims made by proponents of tort “reform,” and the direct constitutional mandates standing in opposition to it.

However, those seeking to take away judicial decisions from juries remain committed to the measure, pushing forward legislation in Congress that seeks to enshrine anti-victim principles. If passed, the legislation would have debilitating effects on all Illinois medical malpractice lawsuits.

Fortunately, there are many members of Congress who are stepping up to confront the distortions made about medical malpractice claims and concerns, according to Even the President, who suggested he was open to some compromise on the issue during his State of the Union address, is clearly opposed to some of the most arbitrary “reform” measures. For example, he opposes malpractice damage award caps. The caps would create arbitrary award limits, regardless of jury decisions and without any thought to the specifics of each case.

Those who work with victims of medical malpractice are well aware that awards by juries in civil cases represent one of the only ways for negligent medical professionals to be held accountable for their conduct.

US Senator Patty Murray explained, “I’m not going to throw people under the bus and say if something happens to you, you are not going to have the support you need.”

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti are proud to be one part in the process of providing support to the victims of medical mistakes. There remains no coherent arguments justifying taking away the legal options of these blameless victims at the expense of large insurance companies and the powerful medical lobby. We encourage all those who care about the rights of Illinois medical malpractice victims to contact their Congressional representatives and urge their opposition to these misguided efforts.

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