Medical Malpractice Attorneys Fight for Justice

The most frightening part of routine medical procedures is the “what-if-?” factor. Laypersons place their trust entirely in the hands of medical professionals who they hope will be knowledgeable, skillful, and thorough. But unfortunately that isn’t always the case.

This past May, a jury in North Carolina awarded seven million dollars to the family of a patient who died from medical malpractice injuries that occurred during what should have been routine surgery. According to Outpatient Surgery Magazine, a 54-year-old patient was admitted to the hospital for a hysterectomy. During the surgery, her colon was mistakenly perforated, which led to months of suffering, and ultimately death.

The victim’s family brought the lawsuit for medical malpractice against the doctor who performed the surgery, for failing to recognize that the doctor had punctured the patient’s colon, and for discharging her from the hospital when her bloodwork and vital signs showed abnormalities following the surgery.

Terrifyingly, incidents of medical malpractice are all too common. According to an article published in the Chicago Sun Times earlier this month, incidents occur “as often as 40 times per week in the United States; patients come out of surgery to learn that their doctor operated on the wrong body part, did the wrong procedure, or mixed them up with the wrong patient.”

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys have seen hundreds of cases of medical negligence, and have fought tirelessly to come out victorious. For instance, our attorneys handled a case in which the court awarded $14 million dollars to the family of a patient whose doctor and hospital ignored abnormal chest x-ray results, which in turn caused a substantial delay in the diagnosis of ling cancer. Similarly, our attorneys won a$ 7.62 million dollar verdict against an HMO doctor who disregarded a mother’s complaints of postpartum bleeding, which ultimately resulted in her bleeding to death. When putting faith in the doctors who are supposed to help and heal it can be a traumatic experience, both physically and emotionally, when that trust is violated. If you or someone you know have been the victim of medical malpractice, an attorney might be able to help you determine your rights.

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