Illinois Hip Implant Recall Shows Problems with Improper Product Testing

There is a tendency in the medical field for professionals to assume that “new” necessarily is better. The latest medical devices and products are assumed to offer superior benefit and safety to patients who receive them. However, this is not always true. Perhaps nothing proves this as a fallacy more than the latest controversy surrounding metal-on-metal hip implants.

This weekend the New York Times published a detailed examination of the problems with the implants and the steps that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration have taken to protect future medical patients.

The problem began to reach public attention last year when the DePuy hip implant recall was issued. The devices were given to as hundreds of thousands of patients before experts truly understood the risk they posed. The rubbing of the two metal parts was capable of releasing small metallic particles into the patient’s body often with severe consequences.

Since that time the FDA has ordered all metal-on-metal hip makers-over 20 different companies-to evaluate their product safety. This is a virtually unprecedented move by the administration aimed at ensuring that no more fall victim to the defective devices.

Innovations like this which are not properly tested before being used on patients are usually promoted as a way for these companies to raise prices and maximize profits. One surgeon explained the situation by noting that “there is a phenomenon in the U.S., the latest and the greatest. There was a patient demand to get these implants on the misconception that the latest was the best.”

Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti are proud to work on behalf of patients who have suffered complications after receiving one of these hips. If you or a loved one may have unknowingly fallen victim to this latest medical device problem be sure to get in touch with a hip recall lawyer to learn how you can receive redress for your loss.

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