Illinois Brain Injury Results in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

As we have often explained, some of the most costly and damaging medical errors result when medical professionals make mistakes leading to brain injuries. Few complications more negatively affect an individual’s life and ability to properly care for themselves and others. The consequences of these incidents usually affect entire families.

That appears to be what happened to a southern Illinois woman according to a new Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit that was filed in the Metro East area. The Madison-St. Clair Record reported on the new suit. According to the complaint, the female victim is claiming that her neurologist failed to recognize the development of excess tissue on her brain.

In early January 2008 the victim first visited the brain doctor to whom she had been referred by her eye doctor. The doctor apparently examined the woman but failed to appreciate the danger posed by a one centimeter lesion adjacent to the woman’s right carotid siphon. He also did not tell the woman’s eye doctor about the lesion. The neurologist failed to refer the victim to a neurosurgeon in a timely manner to help treat the lesion before it created even more problems. Consequently no treatment was provided and the lesion doubled in size over a year.

The growth has led to brain injuries. She now suffers from double-vision, headaches, and memory loss. She is in constant pain and is permanently disabled.

Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti know well the consequences of a medical professionals negligent failure to diagnose or failure to catch developing complications. Time is of vital importance when it comes to medical treatment. Days, hours, minutes, even seconds often spell the difference between life and death. Consequently, patients who fall victim to professionals who delay unnecessarily can hold them accountable for what they suffered because of the mistakes.

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