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How to survive your hospital visit series: When surgery is scheduled

1. Run the numbers. If your surgeon seems to eager to operate, check out the rates of the most commonly over-performed procedures by region, city, or hospital.
2. Scrub off the bugs. Five days before the surgery, start taking two showers daily, washing with an antiseptic cleanser. Studies show that this reduces the risk of infection.
3. Opt for a.m. surgery.
4. Empty the O.R. Ask unnecessary personnel to be kept out of the O.R.
5. Get tucked in. Ask for an extra blanket. The combo of a cold operating room and anesthesia can lead to mild hypothermia, which would slow your recovery.
6. Up the water intake. Hydration equals healing – shoot for eight 8- to 12-ounce glasses of water a day in the weeks before your visit.

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