How to survive your hospital visit series: When you’re in a hospital bed

Your vigilance should continue even when you’re in the hospital bed to avoid the ills associated with hospital visits.
1. Know who’s who. Make sure all people identify themselves and convey changes in your condition only to doctors and nurses.
2. Demand clean hands. As for a pump dispenser of alcohol-based hand sanitizer and put it on your night stand. The staff will get the hint.
3. Check out the stethoscope. Ask your doctor to sanitize his stethoscope.
4. Sanitize yourself. Keep lathering your hands with the alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This will protect you from organisms on your body that cause infections.
5. Dose up on aspirin. Ask your doctor and pharmacist before adding it to your drug regimen, but aspirin can activate the stress response of bacteria and keep it from adhering to your tissue.
6. Protect your bed. A recent study found that an elimination of visitor contact with a patient’s bed was able to stop the spread of bacteria and eliminate infections by 70 percent.

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