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Hospital Mistakenly Circumcises Newborn Boy

A new lawsuit was filed yesterday after an egregious medical mistake put a newborn son under the knife against the express wishes of the baby’s mother. According the to Miami Herald, Vera Delgado was shocked and disgusted when she learned that her 8 day old son was circumcised without her consent and against her express wishes told to doctors.

Vera gave birth to her son, Mario, in late July. Mario had medical problems in his first few days alive, so doctors kept him in the intensive care unit to help fight an infection. Previously, Vera had specifically refused to sign a consent form for circumcision, telling doctors that she did not want Mario to have the procedure. No male in her family had had the operation in generations.

However, a few days after his death, Vera walked into his room and noticed a vial lying next to the baby’s bed. She questioned a nurse about it who told her it that was Tylenol to help Mario with the pain caused by his circumcision.

Vera was obviously upset, explaining, “I didn’t want this for him. I’m opposed to circumcision. They didn’t have the right to do it.”

Hospital officials have admitted the error, explaining that they had inadequate procedures in place to check on the consent forms. Apparently, an employee misread the unsigned consent form in Mario’s case, which led to the unwanted procedure. Hospital officials have called it “an unfortunate mistake.”

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti understand the immense frustration that must arise when specific medical wishes are ignored by negligent hospitals. One of the most basic rights afforded to all patients is the ability to make informed decisions about their own bodies, which includes a mother’s right to make health choices for her newborn child. If you or anyone you know have not been properly consulted or given inadequate medical information before a medical procedure has been performed, please contact an attorney to learn more about your rights as a patient.

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