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Hospital Bedsore Lawsuit Results in $5.4 Million Verdict

One of the most common forms of Illinois medical malpractice lawsuit involves patients who develop bedsores because of inadequate care at their medical facility. As blog readers know, bedsores (also known as pressure sores) are skin lesions which usually form due to constant pressure on bony prominences of the body. The pressure decreases the blood flow to those areas and causes a variety of problems depending on the severity of the sore. In the most extensive cases, there is full skin loss and extreme damage to all tissues, muscles, and bone in the area.

What makes these sores particularly distressing is the fact that they are virtually always preventable. Immobility, poor nutrition, inadequate hydration, diabetes, and other risk factors can be identified and accounted for to prevent the development of these ailments. When hospitals and nursing homes fail to prevent the problems, then there is often good cause to file suit for poor treatment.

That is what happened in the case of one man whose medical providers allowed severe bedsores to develop, resulting in a debilitating hip infection according to SI Live. He is currently unable to walk and may likely spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair.

He first entered the hospital after suffering a health episode that doctors diagnosed as encephalopathy or brain dysfunction. However, within a few days at the hospital, the man had developed pressure sores in various areas on his body. Complications from those sores continued to develop over the next year as he was shuffled between the hospital and nursing homes. He continues to suffer from infections, hip dislocations, and other issues.

The man filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the facilities that caused his bedsores-including both the hospital and a nursing home. Recently the jury in the case found in favor of the man for $5.4 million. They specifically found that both facilities were partially at fault for the bedsores.

There is never an excuse for Illinois hospital bedsores to develop and cause injury to patients. Our Illinois injury attorneys have worked with many victims of this form of negligence. We urge all victims to step forward to hold their wrongdoers accountable for their poor treatment.

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