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Federal Investigators Asking Questions About Heart Implants

The regulation of medical devices remains a vitally important endeavor, because there is little that a patient can do themselves to ensure that these objects are safe and secure. Virtually all medical patients are forced to trust the judgment and fairness of their medical providers when it comes to the devices put into their body in special medical procedures.

Unfortunately, sometimes the products are inadequate-as the victims of defective DePuy hip implants well know. Consequently, it is important for a fair process to be put in place whereby hospitals use the best, most efficient devices at all times-secret agreements and back-room deals should never play a role in these decisions. When profit becomes the driving motive in these matters, medical mistakes are much more likely to happen.

According to the New York Times, it is under that premise that federal authorities are currently examining the practices of one heart manufacturer-Biotronik. In particular there is growing concern over payments made by the company to the doctors who decide which products to buy. Records reveal that this company keeps detailed records of the doctors who are favorable to their business an attempt to cultivate that favorability with favors.

The risk of abuse is particularly dangerous when it comes to heart devices, like pace makers and defibrillators, because these products have the highest profit margin of any medical product. Three companies dominate the industry, but Biotronik has been able to increase its share of the business in a startlingly fast way-enough to catch the attention of federal investigators. Several of those other providers have already paid federal settlements after investigations uncovered illegal kickback practices to doctors. When those actions occur in this area, many more Illinois medical malpractice lawsuits are likely to be filed.

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti remain firmly on the side of medical patients against all unlawful practices by negligent doctors, device manufacturers, insurance companies, and similar big businesses. The further away the medical system gets from the bottom line care of a patient, the more chance there is for abuse and negligence. It is vital that these profit-hungry actions that have the potential to harm patients be rooted out and punished.

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