Family files wrongful death lawsuit after mother dies days after giving birth

Wrongful death lawsuits are exceptionally heartrending, especially in the case of a mother during or as a result of childbirth. According to, a Texas woman died four days after her delivery at a local hospital.

The woman was survived by her parents, husband and three young children. The family has initiated a suit against the hospital, physicians, and radiology services. The medical malpractice lawsuit alleges that during the delivery, “force was used to attempt to get the baby out.” The woman was discharged two days after her delivery, but readmitted the same day as a result of bleeding and pain. Two days later, the mother died. The family has accused one physician for using force during the delivery and the other physicians for negligently failing to recognize the mother’s medical needs once she was readmitted. The complaint seeks all allowable wrongful death damages.

Wrongful death is defined in legal terms as a death, which is a result of another person’s fault. An explicit example of this sort of death is a physician’s failure to diagnose a fatal disease. Typically, the decedent’s family members file the wrongful death suit. The damages awarded in these suits may cover the decedent’s potential lost earnings. In addition, families may be rewarded damages such as lost benefits, pain and suffering, and punitive damages.

In Illinois, a personal injury lawyer could also bring a medical malpractice claim in this case. Medical malpractice claims occur when patients are injured as a result of a medical provider’s negligent or intentional actions. For example, a missed diagnosis or a delayed diagnosis may be the result of a physician’s negligence. Compensatory damages often result, which attempt to restore the person or family to the position in which they would have been in lieu of the malpractice incident.

In a case similar to the one mentioned above, Levin & Perconti’s Chicago medical malpractice lawyers successfully won a $7.62 million verdict for a mother that died shortly after childbirth. Here, the jury awarded damages against a health maintenance organization for failing to adequately diagnose and treat the mother’s abnormal bleeding after delivery.

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