Family Awarded $4.3 Million in Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

A family was worried when their newborn had large bruises on her body, yet their doctors told her parents not to worry. Soon the baby’s skin turned yellow, her liver showed signs of scarring and a blood clot formed in her brain. A few days later their newborn was steps away from death. reported that the doctors told the parents different things every day. Fortunately, the baby survived, but the virus she acquired left her with lifelong disabilities. Now she has severe vision problems and permanent cirrhosis of the liver. Recently, a jury awarded the family a $4.3 medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctors who treated the baby. The jury found that the doctors ignored symptoms that pointed to an enterovirus, a mild illness that can become deadly in infants without a developed immune system. The doctors also committed medical mistake to take blood and liver tests that could have easily identified the virus. The blood clot damaged parts of the baby’s brain, and now she is left with a learning disability that affects her school work. Failure to diagnose is one of the many medical errors that doctors commit. To read more about the medical malpractice lawsuit, please click the link.

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