Failure to Diagnose: Parents of Young Doctor File Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

It was a heartbreaking case that likely sends shivers down the spines of all mothers and fathers in Chicagoland. The parents of a young woman stood proud as they watched their 26-year old daughter walk across the stage as a medical school graduate. After decades of study, they watched their little girl grow up to be a doctor.

Little did they know that tragedy was just around the corner.

Less than two weeks after her graduation, the young woman began experiencing significant headaches. Eventually, she went to a medical center, explaining that she had suffered days of headaches that went unabated in addition to developing unexplained bruises. The young doctor was admitted to the facility as doctors began tried to figure out what was ailing her.

Unfortunately, her condition deteriorated rapidly. She was transferred to another facility–the very one she was scheduled to begin her residency. It was there,only three days after she visited the first hospital, that she died after being removed from life support.

Medical Malpractice Lawsuit
The woman’s family was understandably devastated. Eventually, after learning more about what happened to their daughter, they sought out the aid of a medical malpractice lawyer to explore the potential negligence of those charged with her care. A lawsuit was recently filed naming both facilities where the young doctor received care before her death.

The case is new, and so the specifics of the situation are still being uncovered. However, according to a Times-Tribune story on the matter, the complaint alleges that doctors did not conduct relevant tests or provide timely treatment which would have spotted the problem and ultimately prevented the tragic death.

Analysis of the situation shows that the woman died from a blood clot that resulted in cerebral hemorrhaging causing a stroke. After the stroke, the young woman was on life support with massive brain damage. In the end, the family had to make the heart-wrenching decision to terminate those extra life-sustaining mechanisms.

The attorney for the family noted that the team of doctors who initially treated the woman did not order any sort of head imaging tests which would have revealed the potential problem, like a CT scan. In addition, the woman did not see a neurologist–a specialist on these types of injuries–until a day and a half after first arriving at the facility.

In addition, the lawyer explained that medical professionals at the second facility delayed in providing potentially life-saving anti-clotting medication. The report noted that the first time doctors actually gave the woman those drugs was only hours before her death and well after she was showing signs of severe neurological problems.

Unfortunately, this type of medical negligence strikes times and again throughout the country, including in Chicago and nearby suburban communities. Far too many patients go into a medical facility to report problems only to have doctors fail to take the steps necessary to diagnose the problem in a timely fashion. When this delayed diagnosis violates reasonable standards and causing harm, then those affected are able to pursue civil lawsuit to recover.

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