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Eye Care Specialists Blamed for Substandard Care

When we visit a doctor for a medical problem we expect to be adequately diagnosed and treated. That is not always the case. A patient filed a lawsuit in Cook County against Eye Specialists of Chicago and Highland Park, and a doctor, alleging that improper diagnosis and care caused a serious and permanent injury. The lawsuit requests a jury trial and a judgment of more than the jurisdictional limits.

Failure to Assess Medical Condition

The patient in this case states that the doctor failed to properly assess his medical condition. The doctor did not diagnose the man’s eye infection, and therefore it went improperly treated. Misdiagnosis, or failure to diagnose, may be considered medical negligence, or malpractice. Doctors are required to provide a high level of care. After an examination, they are expected to properly diagnose a medical condition. In this instance, the doctor reportedly failed to diagnose the level of infection in the man’s eye.

Improper Diagnosis Led to Inadequate Treatment

As a result of the doctor’s failure to diagnose the man’s problem, he suffered severe pain and his condition worsened. The man’s vision was compromised because the infection was not quickly treated. Had the infection been diagnosed properly, it should have gone away, rather than getting worse. Once the infection become worse, it was likely more difficult to treat. Usually, any serious injury or infection has a more favorable outcome if it is treated immediately with the right type of medication.

Negligence Caused Vision Loss

The man in this case suffered vision loss as a result of the lack of care provided by the doctor. Vision loss of this type is often considered permanent. There is usually no treatment, or medication that will bring vision back. The lawsuit indicates that the man has permanently been impacted by the injury and will no longer be able to lead a normal life. Patients are entitled to compensation if they receive care that was neglectful, as in this case. The patient should be provided with money to cover medical expenses and other damages that resulted from the negligent act.

Lawsuit Filed

Sometimes neglectful care is provided, but there are no injuries as a result. In these situations, there is no need to file a claim because there are no damages. But, sometimes the mistake caused serious and irreparable harm. The doctor responsible for the neglect should be held accountable, and should pay for the damages that were incurred. Damages include medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and future care. Other damages may be money for pain and suffering, lost wages, and loss of enjoyment of life.

If you or a loved one were injured by a doctor, do not delay. You must file a claim within two years of the incident. Contact an attorney as soon as possible to review your situation. Your lawyer will investigate the negligent care and determine whether a lawsuit is necessary. Call the experienced legal team at Levin & Perconti to schedule a consultation today.

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