Experts offer advice on how to mend a broken US healthcare system

Around 47 million Americans don’t have health care, but even those that do agree that problems in the United States healthcare system need reform. In a recent article, 10 health care experts offered their personal suggestions on how to improve the country’s situation.

1. Mend the medical schools 2. Single-payer insurance (creating a national system)
3. Individual, not company, plans 4. Divert the dollar to the doc 5. Pay for the care of populations, not events (high quality preventive care)
6. Cut costs for med students 7. Eliminate insurance all together 8. More health centers (affordable, community health centers)
9. Stimulating positive-sum competition (giving more info to providers and consumers)
10. Keep it low-tech (low-tech approaches to preventive healthcare)

Click here to read the descriptions of the experts who offered these ideas, in addition to more information about each view.

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