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Eleven National Consumer Organizations Oppose Medical Malpractice Limits

Eleven national consumer and public interest groups whose memberships represent many millions of Americans sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urging rejection of any amendments or substitutes to the health care bill that would limit the legal rights of patients injured by medical malpractice. These groups include the NCCNHR, Public Citizen, Consumer Federation of America and the Alliance for Justice. The letter points out that medical malpractice is currently at epidemic levels in America. Right now, up to 98,000 die each year from medical error throughout America’s hospital. They asked that Congress focus on improving patient safety and reducing deaths and injuries instead of insulating negligent providers from accountability. The groups also support the repeal of the insurance industry’s anti-tax exemption under the McCarran-Ferguson Act. They concluded the letter by urging Congress to reject any amendments or substitutions that limit patients’ legal rights. Please contact your local Senator to express these same sentiments. To read the health care letter in its entirety, please click the link.

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