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Electronic Records May Have Effect on Malpractice Lawsuits

On this blog we have followed the progress of electronic medical records closely. Many studies have identified the improved care that comes with these records. Similarly, electronic medical orders have been found to provide more consistent care with less error and fewer misunderstandings that occur with paper orders.

Over 90% of healthcare providers still do not use electronic records, but that number will most assuredly change quickly as providers start capturing federal funds which seek to encourage more use of the technology.

Next Gov News recently explored another facet of electronic record-keeping that will influence all those who follow malpractice lawsuits. The report explains that malpractice insurers are worried that access to these records may make it easier for patients to get a better understanding of the care provided to them, and, when that care was deficient, to seek legal redress for their injuries.

Insurers are concerned that the electronic medical records will mean that patients will have more information about their own care-both the good parts and the bad parts. When medical providers fail to follow standard treatment protocols, the patient will better be able to learn that their care may have been compromised.

Our Chicago malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti support all efforts that both provide better medical care overall and allow patients more accurate information about the care they receive. There is nothing to be feared by an open and honest system where medical care is judged fairly and objectively. Insurance companies concerns that they will have to pay more fair claims should not be prioritized above the improvement of medical care for all patients.

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