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Doctors, Hospitals Blamed for Botched Spinal Surgery

Surgery, especially spinal surgery, is a serious medical treatment and one that must be done properly. We trust that our doctors will take the care necessary to ensure that our procedure is successfully completed. Recently, a lawsuit was filed against several doctors and medical facilities alleging that negligent surgery led to a woman’s further serious injuries. The complaint states that the woman suffered injuries that required further treatment and additional surgeries after a spinal procedure was performed improperly.

Spinal Surgery Performed Improperly

According to the lawsuit, the doctors and hospitals were negligent because they performed surgery when it was not necessary. Additionally, the claim states that doctors did not utilize bone morphogenetic protein properly or in the necessary amounts. Also, the proper procedures were not completed in a timely manner. The suit also claims that the doctors were negligent in other ways which were not specified.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein

Bone morphogenetic protein, BMP, is a manufactured material that replicates healthy bone matter. This substance is used to help bones heal and grow properly, usually after major surgery. There are a number of different BMPs which may be utilized based on the specific needs of a patient. In this instance, the woman states that BMP was used inappropriately and this negligence of treatment led to further injuries. It was also provided in the incorrect amounts.

Spinal Surgery Caused Injuries

Spinal surgery is often very complex and is considered a serious operation. Doctors and surgeons must perform proper testing and use proper diagnostic methods before determining the available options for patients. The woman in this instance states that the surgery was not indicated but was performed anyway. If true, the care may be considered medical malpractice. Doctors and surgeons are required to provide proper care to patients including adequate medical diagnosis and treatment.

Further Surgery Required

Although the woman’s spinal surgery was supposed to correct her medical problems, it actually caused her more injuries. The woman had to undergo additional surgery and medical treatment as a result of the mistakes made during the first procedure. This certainly caused her a great deal of pain and suffering as well as large expense. Medical expenses and other damages that result from medical mistakes should be compensated by the responsible parties. The lawsuit names a group of doctors and medical facilities.

Medical Malpractice

Doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals are held to a high standard of care. They are expected to know more than a typical person about the care and treatment of illnesses and medical conditions. The doctors in this case are specialists in spine surgery so they are required to provide proper care at all times. When doctors make mistakes that injure patients they should be held accountable for the resulting damages. Damages may include costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation costs, future care, as well as money for pain and suffering.

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