Doctor With Repeated Wrongful Death Suits Allowed to Continue Practice

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti work each day to help the victims of medical errors. We are confident that our work helps ensure that the legal rights of victims are honored and also plays a role in guaranteeing that future medical patients are less likely to be harmed by negligent physicians. That is why we remain disappointed that some doctors who have clearly been shown to pose a threat to all the patients they treat are allowed to continue working, risking the lives of many unknowing individuals who seek their care.

For example, The Chronicle recently reported on one cardiologist with a track record filled with allegations of medical mistakes, medication errors, fraud, and wrongful death. The doctor was most recently found to have overbilled Medicaid by $1.7 million for unneeded arthritis medication. He eventually pled guilty to the fraud and is awaiting sentencing.

However, the Medicaid fraud was only the latest in a string of legal problems for this particular doctor. In at least two other cities, the doctor was found to have run complex pill mills-dispensing drugs with reckless fury to those interested in acquiring much abused pill combinations. Two of those patients eventually died because of the medication error. The families of those victims have filed suit against the dangerous doctor.

One state medical board labeled the doctor “a threat to public welfare.” Another medical expert explained that the doctor was “prescribing potentially lethal medications with blatant disregard for human life.” Yet, amazingly, the doctor is currently still licensed to practice medicine. The state board maintains the power to revoke his license because of the felony conviction. But that step has not been taken.

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