Doctor Sued for Using Improper Medical Device

The Pioneer Press recently reported on a medical malpractice lawsuit involving a nationally-renown doctor who was himself the victim of a medical mistake following treatment to correct a bleeding bladder.

Dr. Noel Mills, a cardiovascular surgeon and medical teacher, was treated by Dr. Bradley Qualey in 2006 after experiencing bleeding in his urine. During the visit, patient Mills explained his medical history and the fact that he had been treated for prostate cancer. The radiation cancer treatments often produce a condition that causes bladder bleeding, which can be stopped a cauterization. However, after performing a cystoscopy, a procedure designed to investigate bladder bleeding, Dr. Qualey determined that Mills need fulguration to stop the bleeding. Fulguration is a procedure where the damaged bladder tissue is destroyed using electricity.

Dr. Qualey ultimate performed the procedure, but during the surgery he expanded a portion of Mills bladder with a medical device known as a “sound.” These devices vary in size and one much too large was used on Mills, causing additional damage to his bladder. As a result, Mills suffered burning in his urethra and pain in his prostate. He has suffered never-ending bladder dysfunction and trouble with recent kidney stones as a result of the medical mistake.

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti are skilled in protecting victims of medical device errors. Many medical procedures involve use of complicated equipment and devices that, when improperly used, can have serious consequences on the innocent victim. These devices include little-known object like the “sound” and other more well-known pieces of equipment like pacemakers and catheters. Patients deserve to have these devices used properly and in a safe manner. As this case indicates, even the best doctors in the country sometimes fall victim to medical error and seek representation to protect their rights. If you suspect that you or someone you know suffered due to a malfunctioning device, please contact our offices to learn more about your legal options.

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