Doctor Loses Medical License in Illinois After Controversial Autism Therapy

Reasonable standards of care are the hallmark of the civil justice system related to negligence, and in the healthcare world, medical malpractice. The basic idea is simple: ensure these professionals act within the reasonable standards of care. However, the leads to the obvious next question: who decides what those standards of care are? This is a somewhat controversial area, but, in general, those standards of care are guided by science. Researchers and rigorous scientific analysis tells us what treatments work and don’t work, and what risks factors are present in any give setting are the barometer for most assessments about what should or should not have been done in any given setting.

Unfortunately, there are a few rogue medical professionals who sometimes place weight on junk science. These professionals often sell treatments to unsuspecting patients based on shaky evidence. Sometimes those treatments are downright dangerous. We have previously discusssed this matter when it comes to stem cells. Some medical doctors try to sell stem cell therapies to patients, often with conditions like cerebral palsy, usually in an attempt to get community members to pay for costly “treatments” that have little hope of doing anything but come with significant risk of adverse effects. Regulators are often working to root out these unscrupulous doctors before they harm patients.

Lost Illinois License
The Chicago Tribune recently reported on another example of that sort of conduct. The story shared the details of one doctor who has lost his ability to practice in at least three states, including Illinois, for his work on controversial hormone suppressing drug therapy for children with autism. The “Lupron protocol” involves injecting children with the drug in high doses. This is the same drug often used to chemically castrate sex offenders. In addition, sometimes the drug is used to treat rare puberty disorders, prostate cancer, or endometriosis.

The dangerous doctor worked with this son to open offices across the country, including Illinois to promote this Lupron therapy. The idea was that the drugs would help eliminate the symtpoms of autism by cutting back on testosterone in the children’s bodies. The doctor claimed that autism itself may be caused by those high levels. But this is simply an unproven hypothesis, as no credible work has found that claims to be based in reality.

Many experts looking at the process have raised alarm at the dangers of the therapy. In addition, they point out that the possible benefits do not exists and are instead based on “junk science.”

All of this lead the Illinois Deparment of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) to “indefinitely suspend” the doctor’s ability to practice in our state. The IDFPR is charged with ensuring reasonable standards are met by various professionals in the state. The underlying goal is to protect consumers from being taken by unscrupulous individuals in all fields. It is understood that consumers place trust in the professionals advising them. After all, that is why someone goes to a professional in the first place–they assume the individual knows about an area that they themselves do not understand.

If you ever suspect that you or a loved one has been harmed by a dangeorus doctor or simply a medical mistake, please get in touch with the legal professionals at our office to see how we can help.

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