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Doctor, Hospital Caused Disabling Injury – Lawsuit Filed

Surgical procedures usually go as they should. Sometimes, however, mistakes made before, during, or following an operation can cause harm to a patient. A patient filed a lawsuit against a doctor, hospital, and medical practice, alleging negligent medical treatment. The patient suffered a permanent disability related to the improper care of a tendon injury. The lawsuit requests damages of more than $50,000.

Improper Diagnosis of Lacerated Tendon

The man in this case was a patient of Vanguard MacNeal Hospital. The doctor did not properly diagnose his condition and therefore, adequate care was not rendered. A lacerated tendon is also known as a ruptured tendon. It may occur in the hand, foot, shoulder, and knees. Tendons are strong tissues that help areas of the body function properly. If a laceration occurs, the tendon will not work as it should, and the patient will suffer a great deal of discomfort upon movement. Prompt medical attention is necessary to prevent further damage.

Diagnosis of Tendon Lacerations

Tendon lacerations are generally diagnosed using a variety of methods. A thorough physical exam should pinpoint the area of pain and problems with movement. Imaging should then be done to confirm the diagnosis. Sometimes an MRI or ultrasound is utilized to assist with specific treatment options. In this instance, the doctor apparently failed to make the correct diagnosis. This led to a delay in treatment, which caused permanent damage.

Tendon Injury Treatment

Immediate treatment for tendon problems is essential to a favorable outcome. The patient should apply cold compresses to reduce any swelling that may be present. The area should be immobilized and rested. Depending on the location, the area should be elevated. Medical treatment may consist of immobilizing the area with a cast, providing medication to reduce pain and swelling, and, in some cases, surgery to repair the damaged tendon.

Doctor Performed Surgery Too Late

The patient in this instance states that the doctor did not perform surgery in a prompt manner. The delay in treatment caused the problem to worsen. Further, the man suffered a post-surgical leak, which went undiagnosed. As a result of these negligent actions, the patient suffered severe pain, and disability. The man is no longer able to live a normal life because of the negligent care received. Had the man received the correct diagnosis and proper treatment in the first place, his condition may not have worsened, and he would have made a full recovery. Instead, he is destined to deal with a disability for the rest of his life.

Medical Negligence Claims

When someone suffers a serious injury because of the mistake or misdiagnosis of a doctor, it may be considered medical negligence or malpractice. The victim is owed money to cover all the costs associated with the neglectful action. Damages may cover medical expenses, future care costs, and punitive damages. For example, in this case the man may request money for pain and suffering and for loss of enjoyment of life because of his disability.

Medical neglect often entitles the victim or his family, to compensation. Contact the skilled legal team at Levin & Perconti to learn more about filing a claim.

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