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DePuy Hip Replacement Recall Problems Continue to Affect Patients

Our Illinois DePuy hip injury lawyers continue to follow all new developments related to the danger that these metal-on-metal hips may present patients who received them over the past several years. As blog readers are aware, the hips were recalled a year ago amid growing pressure on the makers to pull the devices after growing evidence showed that they presented patients with an unacceptable risk of harm. Many questions are still being sorted out about how much the negligent DePuy hip manufacturers knew about the risks of the metal devices while they were still being used and put into new patients.

Recently ABC Nightly News ran a segment on the problems with the hips. As the report explained, the high failure rates of these devices is leaving the medical community scrambling to recover from what is being deemed one of the nation’s largest ever medical device failures. The problem, of course, is not found in all devices, just those utilizing the metal-on-metal format. The story highlighted the story of one woman who was promised a new life after having both hips replaced using these devices. She was told that the hips would each last her twenty years. However, that was not to be. Instead, less than five years after the original surgeries, the woman was forced to go back in and have both hips changed again to a version that did not use metal-on-metal components.

This victim shared a story that may be familiar to others who have undergone problems with these hips. She reported waking up many nights with severe fevers while experiencing intense pain in her hips. She explained how the pain she experienced was more severe than that which led her to go in to have the hip replacements in the first place. Doctors involved in the recall effort remind all patients who have received a DePuy hip implant that they should seek out help anytime they experience problems with the hip, like pain or swelling.

The problem is widespread. This year alone, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has received more than 11,000 complaints about metal-on-metal implants. The DePuy recall has spurred many advocates to reiterate the problems with the entire medical device regulation process. Unlike prescription drugs, it is often easier for potentially harmful devices to slip through the cracks and reach patients. Advocates remind those with hip problems to exhaust all non-surgical options before taking the steps to have an actual implant.

Our DePuy hip recall attorneys continue to help patients who have suffered because they received one of these devices. If you or someone that you know has received a DePuy metal-on-metal hip implant in the past, please get in touch with our office and see how we can help. Our experienced lawyers continue investigating all of the facets of this recall and are working to sort through the legal implications for all patients. Be sure that your legal rights are protected in this matter by having professional guidance ensure in your corner.

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