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Dentist Accused of Medical Malpractice

When a potential client in our area visits an Illinois medical malpractice lawyer they are usually interested in sharing their story of problems at a hospital or medical clinic. Most community members think of mistakes made by hospital doctors or nurses when they envision the circumstances that trigger a medical malpractice lawsuit. It is true that these medical situations like surgery, childbirth, and missed cancer diagnosis are often the root of the problems. However, in reality medical malpractice can be committed by many individuals, from nurses’ assistants and family doctors to psychiatrists and psychologists.

Dentists can also be guilty of medical malpractice if they fail to provide care that a reasonable dentist would give in any given circumstances. For example, the West Virginia Record reported yesterday afternoon on a new lawsuit that a man filed against his dentist alleging negligent dental care that caused him harm. According to the suit the man went to his dentist with severe pain in the lower left side of his mouth. During that first visit the doctor extracted three of the man’s teeth. However, the dentist did not schedule any x-rays or prescribe any antibiotics as part of that visit.

The man’s pain never went away. As a result he eventually got another appointment scheduled where the doctor’s staff members noticed that a root of one of the extracted teeth was still in his mouth. He was scheduled for surgery the following day. However, before that operation the man had a seizure and was rushed to a local hospital. It was discovered that he had an abscess on the left side of his brain. Two days later the abscess had move to the right side of his brain and he became unresponsive. The victim was forced to have emergency surgery and he remained in intensive care for the next two weeks.

Following the ordeal the man filed a suit claiming that he was a victim of dental malpractice. He explained that the dentist and his staff members owed him a reasonable duty of care that was breached. Specifically the lawsuit alleges that the doctor violated his duty by failing to remove the roots of his teeth when they were extracted. A reasonable doctor would have taken appropriate x-rays, caught the problem, and filed a quicker follow-up appointment when the pain did not go away. In addition, it would have been reasonable to treat the victim with antibiotics, however the doctor did not do so in this case.

Our Illinois medical malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti are open to helping victims of all types of medical malpractice. We understand that residents deserve quality treatment whenever they place their trust in another medical professional. If that trust is ever violated, then the legal system provides an avenue by which the victim can seek compensation for their losses. By holding each of these professionals and their staff members accountability for their conduct, other patients may also be spared future problems that may have gone uncorrected without the pursuit of the legal action.

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