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Dental Malpractice Cases Mount Against Doctor

Medical malpractice includes much more than mistakes made by doctors and nurses in hospitals. Instead, any professional who provides various forms of healthcare treatment and advice can make errors and cause serious harm to patients. For example, dental patients frequently face serious problems because they do not receive the basic care to which they are entitled. Just as with hospital errors, dentists can be held accountable under the law for mistakes which cause harm.

Sadly, there are some dental professionals who are chronically negligent–hurting patient after patient before finally being held accountable. That seems to be the case for one dentist who now faces many different medical malpractice lawsuits and millions of dollars in liability. Dentistry IQ shared information on the situation. According to their reports, the dentist in question has faced state regulatory problems, patient complaints, and other issues for well more than a decade.

Dental Negligence
As often happens in these cases, there is not just one accusation of a problem but a series of prolonged practice and administrative concerns. It all suggests a business more interested in maximizing profit at all costs than providing proper care to each and every patient.

For example, one of the patients who filed a suit against the doctor alleges that the professional left a drill inside the patient’s tooth. Not only that, but the doctor never informed the patient of the situation; he only found out later when complications developed. Another patient visited the doctor to have dental implants installed. The dentist allegedly botched the job, leaving the patient “disfigured” as a result of the mistake. Those two cases are far from the first alleging problems with this doctor’s work. State records indicate that as far back as 1998 there are accusations of incomplete tooth extractions and tooth drilling that was “too deep” leading to unnecessary root canals.

Administrative problems also existed at the facility. In the past, the doctor was sanctioned for allegedly billing a dental insurance company for work that was never performed. In addition, several former employees of the dental facility suggest that he never actually paid them for their work. They had paychecks bounce and were unable to actually receive funds from the dentist.

Taken together the claims of malpractice, bounced checks, and incorrect insurance billings suggest a dental practice run amok. The long string of problems are leading some to wonder why the facility was allowed to stay open at all, particularly because state regulators knew about problems for years. According to reports, while the dentist’s infractions were serious enough to revoke his license to practice, state regulators have thus far declined to do so. Instead, they hit him with a $20,000 fine and a two month suspension. A stay in the permanent suspension means that the medical facility is still open and running.

This case is a reminder of the need for patients to be careful about who they select for all of their medical needs, including dentists. Just because a doctor has a license to practice does not mean that they provide the best care possible or even care up to a reasonable standard. If you are ever hurt by poor dental care, you have legal rights to hold the doctor accountable and receive redress for your losses. Visit a lawyer who works on these cases to learn more.

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