Defective Medical Implants Suggest More Oversight Necessary

Many cases related to DePuy hip implants have been brought to many Chicago medical malpractice lawyers. Blog readers are well aware that the DePuy medical device used in hip replacements has malfunctioned in many patients, leading to a recall of thousands of the defective products. The problems, increased rissk, medical expenses, and other ramifications of the defective have cost victims billions of dollars, not counting the non-monetary damages.

The DePuy problems have led many to closer scrutinize the Food and Drug Administration approval process that allowed these damaging products to enter the market. As reported in Pilot Online News, it was soon discovered the Depuy hip implants were one of many products approved for use in a less demanding approval process known as the 510(k) exemption.

The emption is supposed to streamline a product’s use on the general public if that product is substantially similar to a product already on the market. However, by far the majority of products ultimately recalled for their danger are approved through this “back-door” method. Of the 113 devices recalled in the last 4 years, 80 of them were allowed to be sold following use of the 510(k) exemption.

The DePuy device was a metal-on-metal hip replacement. Over 93,000 patients had the implant installed before the dangers of the metal system were discovered. The joint deteriorated far too quickly, releasing metal particles into the patients’ bloodstream. Many of the replacements needed to be replaced themselves far too quickly.

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti believe that the FDA approval process needs to ensure that loopholes are closed which put patient lives at risk. Many of our Illinois DePuy attorneys are working with the victims of this latest recall, and we are well aware of the amount of suffering these mistakes have on so many patients and their families.

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