Dangerous Doctors Still Practicing in Illinois

The Chicago Tribune reported yesterday on a story that we have been following closely on this blog: the push to revoke the licenses of Illinois doctors convicted of sex crimes against patients.

It would likely come as a shock to most that when a dangerous Illinois doctor is found guilty of violating a patient in this way, he or she does not automatically and permanently lose his or his medical license. Cases abound of doctors who violated patients in perverse forms only to receive virtual slaps on the wrists from regulators while retaining their ability to see more patients.

New legislation has been introduced to put an end to this loophole, but efforts at passing the legislation have thus far all failed. The latest attempt was introduced by a Republican suburban state senator, Kirk Dillard, and a Chicago Democrat house member, Will Burns. While the Illinois State Medical Society had initially been against the proposal, the organization reversed course and now supports taking a stand against these predator doctors. Lets hope that bodes well for the legislations future.

The Chicago Tribune also called for further legislation affecting Illinois medical malpractice issues –the publishing of doctor profiles. Some legislators are calling for the resurrection of online doctor profiles that allow patients to learn if their doctor has been charged with any crimes or has made any medical malpractice payments in the past five years.

Our Illinois medical malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti remain steadfastly in the corner of all those seeking to take reasonable steps to protect Illinois medical patients. Our years in the courtroom on behalf of medical victims have underscored the need for more measures to prevent harm to patients across the state.

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