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Danger of Illinois Anesthesia Errors

Illinois medical malpractice refers to a wide range of potential negligence. Long gone are the days when medical treatment was provided solely by a single doctor who visited the family home. These days even seemingly simple medical treatments can involve several corporate entities, assistants, nurses, doctors, and other specialists. The more complex the medical treatment, the more actors involved. Errors might be made by anyone in that process, each of which could result in a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Surgical errors are one of the most serious problems, because patients are especially vulnerable during surgery. The stakes are higher at these times, and so reasonableness demands that medical professionals take basic steps to ensure patients are not unnecessarily hurt throughout the surgical process. When thinking about mistakes made during surgery, the first thing that often comes to mind are errors like leaving items in the body or accidentally cutting/injuring different parts of the body during the procedure. Yet, surgery comes with many other risks as well. Some of the most common are anesthesia errors.

Anesthesia Errors
Anesthesia refers to blocking sensations temporarily. In surgery, anesthesia is administered so that a patient does not feel sensations, like pain, when the surgery is proceeding. The anesthesia can be local-focused on just one part of the body-or “general”-including a total lack of awareness.

This is obviously a crucial part of the surgical process, which is why the anesthesia must only be administered by a trained specialist capable of providing the exact proper dose so that the material performs as expected without adverse consequences. Our Illinois medical malpractice attorneys understand that when not administered properly, patients can suffer serious, debilitating injuries.

When acting properly, an anesthesiologist must check patient records ahead of time to understand possible risks to administration of the anesthesia. It is crucial that the patient not be taking medication which might interact dangerously with the anesthesia. After properly understanding this patient’s situation the doctor must administer the drug and then monitor the patient throughout the surgery to ensure there are no adverse affects which could result in harm.

Unfortunately, patients are sometimes hurt by mistakes made at this time. When patient suffer unexpected complications during surgery it may be the result of an anesthesia error. Obviously not all problems during surgery are a result of this problem. Yet, when complications do arise, patients often do not receive full information from their medical providers about what happened. It is not as if the doctor will come in an immediately and admit that the problem was caused by a mistake. Instead, the patient and their family are often forced to work on their own to piece the situation together.

For this reason, many families visit with a medical malpractice attorney to ensure that the case is fully investigated. Sometimes the investigation may reveal that the problem was caused by inherent surgical risks which could not have been guarded against. On the other hand, it may be learned that the harm was the result of an error, such as a mistake made by an anesthesiologist.

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