Couple is awarded $1.5 million in Medical Malpractice Case is reporting a $1.5 million medical malpractice jury verdict awarded to the victim of medical malpractice and his wife in a case against two doctors. The couple has been waiting for more than two years to receive the justice they so rightly deserved in this case. The jury found that the doctors committed medical malpractice when they botched the victim’s bone marrow biopsy. During the procedure, the physician nicked the victim’s nerve and an artery in his hip. This medical error went unnoticed for five days when another surgeon had to remove two softball-sized hematomas from the man’s hip and pelvis. A fellow doctor was called two days after the procedure, but he did not to examine the victim. As a result, the man lost the use of his right leg below his knee. The medical error has also caused him chronic pain. To read more about this medical malpractice case, please click the link.

Trauma is the most common cause of a hematoma. They usually occur after car accidents and head injuries. When a blood vessel is damaged, blood leaks into the surround tissue. This man did not endure a trauma so to say, but the medical error caused the blood vessel damage. There are many complications of hemotoma, including a risk of infection. Doctors must be sure to adequately conduct medical procedures so as to avoid such drastic results. Also, doctors must acknowledge mistakes and act upon them quickly. In this case, if the doctor had examined the patient quickly after the procedure, the man may have the use of his leg. Instead, these problems went unnoticed for another three days. If the medical error was spotted early, less damage would have occurred. If you believe that you have been the victim of a surgical error, please consult a Chicago medical malpractice lawyer.

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