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CNN’s “10 Shocking Medical Mistakes”

Most medical professional provide great care to those in need virtually all of the time. However, appreciating the great work of so many doctors, nurses, and other staff members does not mean that one doesn’t understand that Illinois medical malpractice still strikes and harms local residents. This is true because even the best practitioners occasionally fail to act reasonably, often leaving an unsuspecting patient severely harmed. In addition, there are a few professionals who are systematically negligent, harming a range of patients.

Our Chicago medical malpractice lawyers believe that it is imperative that medical patients maintain their constitutional right to hold negligent medical professionals accountable. This ensures a measure of fairness so that significant loss is compensated. Additionally, this allows systematic problems to be identified and rooted out so that changes can be made.

Local residents are continually surprised by the types of mistakes that occur at hospitals and medical clinics across the country. For example, CNN published a story this week on ‘Ten Shocking Medical Mistakes’ that occur. One critical care physician summed up the situation well by noting that when you add all the errors up (250,000 which are fatal yearly), “you probably have the third leading cause of death” in the country.

Some of the “Shocking Mistakes:

–Treating the wrong patient. Sometimes two patients with similar names or appearances are mixed up when in a facility at the same time. This can result in incredibly harmful consequences where a patient receives unnecessary treatment or another fails to receive the treatment they need.

–Lost medical patients. Senior citizens frequently have health problems and end up in the hospital. Some seniors suffer from cognitive conditions like dementia and Alzheimer’s. Medical malpractice lawyers appreciate that when not properly accounted for, these mental challenges may lead to wandering. Some seniors have wandered out of the hospital, dying of the elements.

–Making emergency patients wait too long. When certain hospitals do not have enough beds to accommodate emergency patients, some are forced to wait in the lobby without care. For certain patients with life-threatening situations, this wait is fatal.

–Failure to prevent air bubbles. Use of tubes in patient bodies is crucial in many treatments and procedures. However, when not properly accounted for, these tubes can cause air bubbles to enter the body. Those bubbles may travel through the tube if not properly sealed and end up in a patient wound. This might cut off blood supply to vital organs like the lungs, heart, or brain. The mistake can be fatal.

–Wrong-site surgery. Identifying the correct site for a surgery would seem to be such an obvious step that it would never result in an error. Yet, wrong-site surgeries occur far more than most suspect. The mistake may be caused by any number of basic lapses, including failing to properly mark the surgical site or misreading charts to mark the wrong spot.

Please Click Here to read the full list of shocking errors. The list outlines some examples of each error and the long-term consequences. Be sure to contact a medical malpractice attorney is you or someone you know was hurt in one of these ways.

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