Chicago-Area Psychologist Sexually Assaults Patient

The Chicago Tribune reported this weekend on a disturbing story of sexual abuse out of suburban Tinley Park. According to court documents, a psychologist with the Tinley Park Mental Health Center was charged with coercing a female patient into performing sex acts in exchange from her release from the facility.

The 66-year old doctor has worked for the Illinois Department of Human Services for over 20 years. He was even the facility’s liaison to the state’s attorney’s office. The victim was a 45-year old patient suffering from depression. She was confronted by the abuser and told that if she did not perform the sex acts requested than the doctor would not allow her to be released from the health center. Fearing that she had no other choice, the woman complied with the man’s request.

Following her release, the abuser attempted to cover his tracks by giving the victim money in exchange for not telling authorities about his conduct. Fortunately, she eventually came forward and talked with police. He is no longer seeing patients at the facility and is charged with several criminal counts for his misconduct.

The abuse of power exhibited by many professionals in positions of influence is always sad and shocking. Our Chicago malpractice lawyers at Levin & Perconti understand the vulnerability of patients in a variety of settings, both at hospitals and mental health facilities. It is simply unacceptable for any professional to use their position of influence to appease their own personal desires.

Malpractice attorneys fill the role of advocate for the abused patient, stepping in to hold the abuser accountable for their conduct. It is important that victims step forward and take a stand so that the wrongdoer is not capable of putting others through the same nightmare.

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