Chicago-Area Jury Awards $1.5 Million in Malpractice Case

The Kankakee Daily Journal reported yesterday on the end of a malpractice trial that stemmed from the death of a 20 year old young woman in 2006 at a local hospital.

The malpractice lawsuit against filed against Provena St.Mary’s Hopsital and an emergency room doctor who treated the victim. The doctor was working at the medical facility through nan outside staffing firm. According to reports, the victim was rushed to emergency room after suffering from some sort of skin illness in which she did know the cause. The emergency room doctor misdiagnosed the problem as a rash, when in reality it was an aggressive form of chicken pox.

The victim was discharged from the hospital shortly after the misdiagnosis in mid-February 2006. However, severe complication arose not long after leaving the ER. Within two days the virus had spread to her liver, and she died shortly after.

The family’s attorney explained, “Closure is what they [the victim’s family] was really looking for, and now they have it.”

If you live in this area and may have been misdiagnosed it is important to contact a Chicago malpractice lawyer. One of the most egregious mistakes a medical provider can make is failing to properly identify the cause of medical problems. In fact, if doctors fail to perform the diagnosis properly, all subsequent medical treatments may be for naught.

In addition, the speed in which these diagnoses occur is also important. A patient has a reasonable expectation that their ailment will be diagnosed as quickly as possible, because some conditions are only treatable when caught early enough. In most cases there is no excuse for a medical provider delay which leads to death or severe injury for the patient. Contact a malpractice lawyer as soon as you fall victim to this type of error to ensure that you are made aware of your legal rights.

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