Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyers Explains How Medical Malpractice Reform Will Increase Deficit

Some false claims made about Chicago medical malpractice lawyers continue to be repeated. The only solution is to continue fighting the wrongheaded statements with the truth. For example, bizarre claims are sometimes made attempting to pin state and federal budget deficits on medical malpractice lawsuits. The proponents of this view claim that medical costs are drastically increased because of these lawsuits and therefore the lawsuits cause governments to go into the red paying medical bills.

This claim is then used as support for drastic “tort reform” measures that would make is much harder for those catastrophically injured by medical mistakes to be compensated for their losses. Unfortunately, little talk is made of actually taking steps to limit medical malpractice itself, only the lawsuits that stem from the Illinois medical errors.

Completely disregarding the misplaced emphasis, even if tort reform measures were enacted, little to no medical savings are to be had. As a recent Huffington Post article explains, the opposite might be true. At its best, the Congressional Budget Office has already stated that the most far-reaching “reform” measures can save one half of one percent of total health care costs.

Even after noting that, the CBO had to acknowledge that the effect of these measures would likely weaken the deterrent effect on medical providers, have a negative impact on health outcomes, and ultimately require an increase in medical costs. Some studies have explained how these tort measures may increase the nation’s death rate by .2 percent-more than 4,000 more patients killed unnecessarily each year.

The actual monetary costs of paying for the increased mistakes and complications far outweigh any potential financial savings from limiting lawsuits. This is not even counting the unacceptable loss of medical quality and acceptance of more preventable deaths.

Our Chicago medical malpractice attorneys at Levin & Perconti will relentlessly fight for the rights of medical patients. We have advanced too far in terms of quality medical care and life-saving techniques to tolerate even more mistakes and basic errors of incompetence that take the lives of innocent victims.

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